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Why I Went With a Hardcover Book

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

I was originally only going to have hardcover books available because I am old fashioned and like to feel the pages being turned (ebooks will be available shortly). 3 years later, with my book finally completed,  I am setting out on my adventure on my own as a self published author/illustrator.

Due to that decision, my 44 page book of awesomeness will cost a bit more than I had wanted to charge. Believe me, I wanted a lower set price but the cost of materials to make this beautiful and sturdy hardcover book are quite costly.

Think of this as an investment!

Your kids can't destroy this book. It is not a flimsy floppy book that will get lost somewhere on your bookshelf. No, not this book! This book will stand tall and proud on your bookshelf and whenever your kids need to find Brown Bear & Oofie, they will be easy to find.

The book will be available everywhere books are sold online.

BUT, if you purchase on my website HERE, I am able to get more of the royalties. If the book is bought from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, well then, I get literally pennies.

True story. So there you have it folks,  I hope you truly enjoy my book. 

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