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Oofie dog in an aqua dress
Brown Bear by Masami S.C.

"An Invaluable Resource"

Reviewed By Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite

Brown Bear and Oofie Present: The Loss of a Loved One by Masami S.C. is a children’s social issues book that would appeal mainly to an audience of parents, guardians, and child caregivers who want a way to help a child understand death and the emotions that come with it. Brown Bear’s grandmother, Mimi, has passed away and the loss has left quite an impact, not only on Brown Bear but also on her friend Oofie. The story of Brown Bear and Oofie provides a fictional framework for understanding and coping with the loss of a loved one that is worded for children.


Brown Bear and Oofie Present: The Loss of a Loved One by Masami S.C. is a well-written children’s book with adorable illustrations. The book is not specifically centered on one religious view, but instead offers different possibilities for life after death that will assist children to maintain an optimistic perspective about where their loved ones may go after death. The illustrations are particularly well done, especially the expressions of the characters. The author’s skill at writing books for children was obvious in that the words chosen were those children could readily understand. As a psychology graduate, I found this book to be an invaluable resource for anyone needing to help children understand death. I liked the way the book did not have a depressing feel to it and how it also had themes of friendship and empathy.

Mom's choice awards 2019

"A Most Welcome Addition to Books for Children"

Reviewed By Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite

Brown Bear and her buddy, a dog named Oofie, have appeared in other books by Masami S.C. In this sweet story, when the two are talking about the fun they had playing with another friend, Herman, Oofie tells Brown Bear she likes Herman’s freckles. On hearing this, Brown Bear wants to have freckles too, and when she next appears, she has acquired freckles…but not quite the natural ones like Herman’s. Brown Bear’s attempt at having freckles has Oofie doubling over with laughter, but then, like a good friend should do, Oofie says just the right things to Brown Bear to make her realize she is beautiful as she is…the perfect message to give young children. 

In a world where, sadly, so much importance is placed on our looks, one can never have too many ways of showing children the importance of liking themselves as they are. That’s why Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Lost Identity by Masami S.C. is a most welcome addition to books for children. Like Masami S.C.’s other books, this book is brightly colored, uses large lettering and the simple cartoon characters that young children love. Where the author uses “bigger” words that might be unfamiliar to children, she underlines them and provides a short list of those words with their definitions at the end of the book. Educational and entertaining, you can’t go wrong adding Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Lost Identity to your child’s book shelf.

Reader's Favorite Finalis Medal

"Another 5 out of 5 Stars for "The Lost Identity"

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Lost Identity is a children’s social issues picture book written and illustrated by Masami S.C. Brown Bear and Oofie had just been playing with their friend, Herman. Oofie mentioned how much she liked Herman’s freckles, which made Brown Bear pause and think a bit. Were the marks on Herman’s face freckles? As Oofie began talking, Brown Bear seemed to lose focus and get involved in her own thoughts. Suddenly she left the room and came back a little later looking just a bit different. Oofie wondered what happened to Brown Bear; then she started laughing. Silly Brown Bear, she looks fine just the way she is. Brown Bear is unique and special. So are Herman and Oofie. Each of them has their own identity, made up of how they think, behave and look. 

Masami S.C.’s children’s social issues picture book, Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Lost Identity, has the two iconic friends discussing an issue many kids grapple with in social settings, especially in school and playgrounds. While it may seem cool to look or act like other kids, especially very popular ones, it’s really best of all to just be yourself as Brown Bear discovers when her attempt to make freckles goes awry. The author’s characters are both wise and funny, and her illustrations, which are brightly colored and upbeat, will make this a very popular selection with young readers and for story time sessions. I also appreciated how Masami highlights the featured words used in the story and includes a glossary of them at the end of the book. Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Lost Identity is most highly recommended.

2019 Book of the Year Creative Child Awards

"The Lost Identity"

Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite "5 out of 5 stars!"

Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Lost Identity by Masami S.C. is a short children’s book with an important lesson for young children. In the book, we meet two good friends, Brown Bear and Oofie. They are talking about Herman and Oofie mentions that Herman’s freckles are nice and cute. Brown Bear immediately starts thinking about getting some freckles like Herman and so she goes and applies glitter to look more like Herman. When she rejoins Oofie, Oofie initially finds it funny and humorous but then, on a serious note, explains to Brown Bear that her own identity is enough and is unique all on its own. She does not need to copy or imitate anybody else to be “cooler” and neither is she any less of a person than anybody else. Brown Bear understands and learns an important lesson of self-identity and pride and acceptance in who she is. There is also a short list of featured words at the end of this book for young children to improve their vocabulary.

I loved Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Lost Identity and thought it was just such a relevant and important concept that has been presented in such a simple, charming way. This book is sure to appeal to kids, especially young ones, as the illustrations complement the story really well and will be relatable to small children. Masami writes in an engaging style that is not only entertaining as a fun and silly story in itself, but more importantly, teaches such a great concept with simple clarity. In an age of increasing stress and peer pressure, it is vital for kids to understand and accept themselves for who they are. This is a lesson for kids and adults alike and this book does a great job of presenting it.

Mom's Choice Excellence Award 2019

"The Lost Identity"

Reviewed By A. L. Peevey for Readers’ Favorite "5 out of 5 stars!"

In Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Lost Identity by Masami S.C., young readers meet two friends: Brown Bear and Oofie. They have just been playing with their friend, Herman. Herman has freckles, which both friends find special. They have a discussion about Herman and why his freckles make him unique. As Oofie talks about Herman, Brown Bear suddenly has an idea and runs out of the room. When she comes back, she has a surprise for Oofie, but Oofie is not happy about Brown Bear’s surprise. Can Oofie explain what’s wrong with Brown Bear’s surprise? Will Brown Bear understand Oofie’s explanation and learn a lesson from it?

Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Lost Identity by Masami S.C. is one in a series of children’s books. These books can, with the help of teachers and parents, teach young readers how to express their feelings when confronted with everyday situations that can be uncomfortable, such as when they do not fit in. This book highlights specific vocabulary and uses it in contexts and definitions so that young readers can learn to talk about how they feel and what makes them special. Also, it emphasizes that they should not try to be anyone but themselves and to be happy with who they are and what makes them unique. Illustrated with simple, yet vividly colored artwork, this book is an attractive and fun read that also teaches young readers to be comfortable with themselves and to help their friends to be happy with who they are as well.

Mom's Choice 2019 Award

"The Verbal Bully"

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite 5 out of 5 stars!

Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Verbal Bully is a children’s picture book about social issues written and illustrated by Masami S.C. Brown Bear was enjoying the splendid, sunny weather they were having, when she came upon her good friend, Oofie. Oofie was not happy; in fact, Oofie was feeling pretty miserable, and she had been crying. When Brown Bear asked Oofie what was wrong, Oofie explained that the other dogs wouldn’t let her play with them. Why? Because she was different -- Oofie was purple. Brown Bear explained how Oofie’s purple color made her special and unique. It was something to be proud of. Then she shared some strategies for dealing with verbal bullies, including sharing some good things to say and offering some ideas of what to do when one is confronted by a bully. 

Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Verbal Bully teaches children and their caregivers about bullies and bullying, and gives kids ideas on how to counteract the hurtful feelings bullies can inspire. The author also shares how kids should feel good about getting an adult involved when they are faced with bullying of any kind. The author introduces the subject of bullying in her note to adults, has Brown Bear and Oofie act out a scenario, and then gives a glossary of terms helpful in teaching kids how to deal with bullies and bullying. The illustrations are marvelous, filled with bright and cheerful colors and images that work quite well with the story line. Brown Bear & Oofie Present: The Verbal Bully is most highly recommended.

2018 Preferred Choice Award

"The Verbal Bully"

Reviewed By Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite 5 out of 5 stars!

The Verbal Bully is a title from The Brown Bear and Oofie series for young readers. Both written and illustrated by Masami S.C., the tale of The Verbal Bully deals with the harshness of a bully’s words. As Brown Bear celebrates the beautiful day outside, her best friend, Oofie, cries. Oofie tells Brown Bear that she is no longer permitted to play with the other dogs because she looks different. Brown Bear teaches Oofie that looks are of no consequence and that the best way to defeat a verbal bully is with a quick and clever retort or, better still, to ignore the bully completely. After Brown Bear’s encouraging words, Oofie finds herself smiling, determined to assert her confidence to all bullies in the future.

I was quite impressed by the powerful message that The Verbal Bully provides to the young children of today. Masami S.C. has produced a very empowering, uplifting book filled with wisdom and confidence-building, as well as bright and colorful illustrations which bring the story to life. My heart sank as I watched Oofie’s tears flow. Although it has been some decades since I was in school, bullying tends to not only interfere in the confidence of young people, but also of teenagers and adults. Bullies knock you down in order to make themselves feel better, yet they are showing the world how obnoxious, cowardly and sad they truly are. As Oofie takes back her confidence and feels strength coursing through her thanks to her friend, she finally feels empowered to confront the verbal bully when they next strike.

A glossary of words is included at the back of the book so that children can learn what the terms in the book mean. I like the positive and up-beat attitude in the dialogue of The Verbal Bully and recommend it to young readers aged 5-8 years. The Verbal Bully would also be ideally stocked in school libraries, social offices and health centers, so that children can learn that you do not need to sink to a bully’s level in order to overcome the hurt they cause.

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