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The Loss of a Loved One- Discussion about one of life's hardest topics.

Brown Bear & Oofie Present: "The Loss of a Loved One", is my third book and I want to bring awareness to kids, again, so they know they aren’t alone with what they are feeling. I want the parents to be involved and read my books with their kids and have valid conversations that open the doorways to communicating better with them. So many young kids these days are consumed with social media and technology and miss out on learning valuable lessons in life while being disconnected from their parents. Death is inevitable. No one likes to talk about it because it is such a depressing and emotional topic. In "The Loss of a Loved One", Brown Bear's Grandma (Mimi), has died. Oofie helps Brown Bear with emotional support and they discuss the topic of death together. I want this book to help parents and kids ease into this very difficult fact of life. The detailed facial expressions of the two characters will help children connect with their own emotions and grief that they are experiencing from their personal loss of a loved one. This book is not geared towards any one particular religion. Instead, it provides comfort and inspires the reader to keep an open mind about the possibilities of what happens to us once we depart. This was a very difficult book to write and keeping it religiously neutral while touching on a few open minded topics of "beliefs" was intended for kids to ask their parents questions about their own religious beliefs and even other religions so they can learn and be aware. The worst thing to have instilled in our younger generations is a "closed mind". I am not saying abandon your religion but to know about, and respect other religions, is being "open minded" and that is wonderful. I truly hope this book helps ease into conversations about death. I hope you enjoy my latest book which will be released for pre-sale very soon. I will announce it as soon as I have the date.

-Masami S.C.-

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