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I was trying to communicate with my girls one day and I was left frustrated and unable to get my message across to them in a way that really helped them out with their problem.


I sat down and started drawing simple drawings and then told a short story to go along with it. The girls were able to connect with me, and I saw that being creative and thinking out of the box, helped them relate. The girls have their favorite stuffed animals from when they were babies and I was inspired to create characters out of them and give them a voice. 


I am an NYU graduate with a BFA in dance from Tisch School of the Arts. Dancing is a previous chapter in my life but I have always been a creative individual. I have now turned my creative outlet towards my books and helping children all around the world. 

Masami S.C. is a pseudonym created by Serena Masami Caspary and the sole purpose of this was to show my girls that it is never too late to embrace things. Growing up, I too was bullied. Sometimes physically bullied but most of the time, verbally bullied. One of the easy targets was my Japanese middle name. I was the only “half Japanese kid in my class and no one really understood mixed races back then. I grew to truly hate my middle name and it wasn’t until I was making yet another point to my girls, that it dawned on me that using my middle name as my author/illustrator name would be appropriate and even though it has been 30 plus years, I am standing up to my childhood bullies.  It is never too late for change.

I truly hope you enjoy my collection of "Brown Bear & Oofie" books.



Masami S.C.

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