Brown Bear and Oofie learn life lessons together. In "The Verbal Bully", Oofie (a purple doggie) has been bullied with mean and hurtful words. Brown Bear helps Oofie overcome her feeling of sadness by being a supportive best friend. Will Oofie overcome her sadness from being bullied? Will she discover how to cope with it? Find out and join Brown Bear and Oofie on their adventure.The word "Verbal Bully" is the featured word of the book highlighted in red, and gets explained throughout the story along with other supporting vocabulary words, highlighted in orange. All the words are then defined in easy to understand definitions after the story has ended at the back of the book. These adorable characters want to take you with them when they are learning new things like being true to your own identity, trying new foods, telling the truth, being adventurous, and the list goes on!!!Brown Bear and Oofie want to be a part of your children's lives. Take them home today!

ISBN: 998854506 or 978-0998854502 (Hard Cover)

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