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Child'chalk street art



Brown Bear & Oofie are meant to look as if a child of a similar age drew them. I believe the young readers can connect more this way.

Social issues are hard.
Especially for young kids.

From my observations, before deciding on how to illustrate my books, I saw my kids and other kids their age gravitate towards artwork like the wonderful chalk art displayed above. It immediately opened the door for more communication and random conversation. Random or not, it was a conversation and it worked. So after seeing this done repeatedly, I decided on my simple kid-like drawings. 

I was simultaneously inspired by how kids can play for hours and hours with one background and re-useable stickers, or paper dolls, or an app on their device that is basically a virtual paper doll set. That is why the background never changes. I wanted to focus on the message and the details of the character's expressions and emotions. 

I want to bring awareness to kids so they know they aren’t alone. My topics are social issues/ life learning lessons. I want the parents to be involved and read my books with their kids and have valid conversations and open the doorways to communicating better with them. So many young kids these days are consumed with social media and technology and miss out on learning valuable lessons in life while being disconnected from their parents.

I truly hope you enjoy my books! There are more stories coming too!

- Masami S.C.

Oofie the purple dog
Brown Bear cartoon drawing
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